Morain & Murphy is a group of skilled plaintiff attorneys dedicated to legitimate cases for people who may be dealing with some of the biggest issues they will ever face—people who are injured, can’t work, or fighting against those with time and money on their side.

We are extremely selective and actually take fewer cases in order to provide you with a level of personal attention that is quite rare in the legal community. Our clients are not just case numbers, which is why we say we are committed and connected to your cause, not your case.

Because for us, every cause is different. Every cause is personal. And we believe you shouldn’t have to be wealthy or well-connected to deserve superior representation. We think it’s your right.

That’s why for folks like you, we feel compelled to deliver justice. Together, through personal service, hard work and a thorough knowledge of the law, we can prevail—one cause at time.


Troy Morain

Greg Murphy

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